Renew Club Membership

Note: This listing is for Renewal memberships only. If you are a NEW member, join the club here.

Welcome back, Club Member! 


Current Member?
Check your address label for the final month of your current membership (it's after your name) and then select the next month after that in the pull-down list (if you don't know when your final month is, contact me directly: Your membership will be extended until Jan 2021, when the Club ends.*


Membership lapsed?

No problem ⁠— just select which month you want to start up again. Your membership will go until Jan 2021, when the Club ends.*


Here's what you get:

  • 1 button per month for $5/month or 3 buttons per month for $10/month (See all previous buttons here.)
  • Price includes shipping to any US destination.
  • Buttons ship in the first week of each month.


Note: If you select 3 buttons for $10, all 3 buttons will be the same and ship to the same address.


* The Resistance Button Club will end in January 2021, when we inaugurate the 46th US president. (Not jinxing anything here — we're going to DEFEAT tRump in Nov 2020!) Therefore, all memberships go through Jan 2021.

Yes, there's a lot more work to do after that, and we'll still need buttons, but it won't be under the name "Resistance."


Photos above show previously shipped buttons. Each month, you'll get a brand-new design.


Questions? See the FAQ page or contact us directly.

Renew Club Membership

How many buttons do you want per month?
Is this a gift?
What month do you want to start your renewal?
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