My name is Kelly and I make buttons.

Before 2016, I'm ashamed to admit that I had not been politically active. I had never marched or protested or gotten involved with government or politics, other than voting. And then a terrible thing happened here in the US in November that year. As the button says, "My activism is now activated."


I know that there are a lot of other people who are in the same position. We are making calls and we are marching. We are writing letters and we are strategizing. We are volunteering and we are campaigning. We are protesting and we are resisting.


And it's exhausting.

So let's grab onto a little bit of joy while we do this Resistance work. 


The joy of...

  • getting a piece of mail every month that's not bills or junk.

  • spreading our message publicly with clever badges made just for us.

  • hearing someone say, "Hell, yeah!" when they spot us wearing our buttons.

Keep working.

And also seeking joy.

Resist, resist, resist.

We will prevail. We must.

Now... join the Club!

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