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Oct 2017: No Human Being is Illegal

Dear Button Club member,

Hard to believe that it was one year ago right now that we were all saying, “That can’t possibly happen, right?” about Donald Trump becoming president. And then it did. Hope you’re holding up, doing your best to keep resisting, and also taking care of yourself.

Every month, when I make the buttons, I think, “But… but… I could make a button every single DAY!” but I try to select topics that I think we’re going to come back to again and again. (I blew it with “Lordy, I hope there are tapes.” But you know what? I still kind of hope there are…)

In September, I decided that October’s buttons would be about DACA/DREAMers. It’s heartbreaking and real and, even though it’s not a “current” news item (because OMG! A million other things have also gone terribly wrong since then!) it’s still very present and relevant for anyone going through it. I broadened the topic to include a message about any immigrants who are struggling under this administration, using Elie Wiesel’s immortal words.

November’s buttons are slated to go out on time – first Monday of the month. If you ever have an idea or request for a button, send it on over to me. As tempting as it is, I avoid any negative or derogatory sentiments on Club buttons. I am still pulling for, “When they go low, we go high.” (Might need a button for that.) Although… they sure keep finding new lows to go to, right?

Keep resisting,

- Kelly

PS: You can buy this button in the shop right here.

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