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June 2018: Blue Wave

Dear Button Club Member,

There are a bunch of primaries happening right now and we’re winding up for a big turnout in November, so I knew we needed a “Blue Wave” button. Trying to think of a slogan/design, I was badgering loved ones to help me brainstorm.

My dear friend Iyabo said, “You should make it a blue hand waving. With the word ‘Bye’ in red.” Then she said: “I’d wear that.” (Iyabo doesn’t really wear buttons, so this is a rousing endorsement.)

So that’s what we’ve got this month: “Ready for the Blue Wave” because… we are SO ready for it. (Right?!) Being “ready for” the Blue Wave means that are we are registered to vote AND that we are doing everything we can to get fellow voters to the polls – we can make this happen!

Creating the Blue Wave

For info on getting blue candidates elected, check out or go right to to learn more about the Democratic platform.

If you feel like you live such a red or blue space that there is “nothing you can do,” I encourage you to make friends with Google to find ways to make a difference in your specific area – there are tons of resources out there.

If you’re still stumped, contact me directly and let’s make a plan for you. Cause I know we are all ready to wave “Bye” to this administration.

Keep resisting,

- Kelly

PS – I also make custom buttons. Let me know if you need some for your group, organization, company… or just for yourself!

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